Fundraising is a VERY important part of being a member of a non-profit organization. We can only keep the costs down if we fundraise thru out the season. Below please find the links for the fundraisers we will be participating in this season. Should you have any questions please contact your session rep. She will be able to answer any questions. If you have paid the fundraising fee please note the only item you are required to complete is the Lotto book you received at registration.

September fundraiser will be Lotto Books which are included in your registration fee. $40.00 can be recouped by you selling the tickets. This does NOT count towards your fundraising requirement and ALL skaters must collect a book even if you have paid the fundraising fee.

Next up is D@A meats.... orders due November 10th.... please see below for form

D & A Meats Fundraiser Form.pdf