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2016-2017 award winners

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A huge congrats to all our skaters this past year.    Please find attached all of our award winners from the season.   A terrific season with lots of medals at every competition including sectionals and all Ontario's .   Keep up the hard work skaters and coaches.    

Elvi Phillips Award

PreCanskate Boy      Jackson Cameron, Kian MacLellan, Evan Ayers               

Pre Canskate Girl     Athena Carriere, Monica Melo, Angeline Ben-Anteur  

Canskate Boy            Andy Moxam, Sebastien Rancourt     Matti Koski             

Canskate Girl            Eva Haraschuk,  Calise Cooper    Maya Gilchrist

he Jenna Desroches Memorial Canskate Award   Genevieve O’Donnell           


Program Assistant         Emily Ramsay               

Program Assistant          Kayla Chateauvert           

Norm Carscallen Award               

    Volunteer of the Year        Doris Peristeridis           

Lifetime Member Award                Calli Klem

    Volunteer with 10 years service       

Darlene Newell Award                Lacey MacKinnon

    Intermediate passing the most tests in the winter season        


Melanie Vagnini Tagliabracci Award    Zoe Peristeridis   


    Overall most improved skater voted by the coaches


4 Star Sports Award            Ashlyn Stillwaugh   

    Novice or Junior skater with the most tests passed within the winter season


Dr. Hazelwood Award                       

    The youngest skater to pass the complete Preliminary Free test    Ashlyn Stillwaugh


Intermediate Achievement Award            Abigail Kissner

The Intermediate passing the most tests from Spring of one year to the end of winter    

school of the next year


Valda Duncan Award                Chelsea Chateauvert

    The Senior passing the most tests from spring school of one year to the end of winter school     of the next year               


Marguerite Boyle Award                    Chelsea Chateauvert

    The Senior passing the most tests during the winter season



Novice Skater of the Year                Paige O’Donnell, Jenna Eastman

Novice skating that has improved the most during winter season        

Laura Cotesta Award            Janna Hunt               


The Trish Houley Competitive Skater Award      Emma Chateauvert   



The Trish Houley Star Skater Award        Chloe McAllister                   


Gold Test Award        Corrina Rintala  Gold Skills  Gold Dances


Joyce Salo McKenzie Interpretive Award        Beth Jewitt, Veronica Mongeon

In the Spirit of Skating Award    Heather Wheatley, Cheyenne Tobias    Heather Wheatley, Cheyenne Tobias       


Brittney Cascanette Novice Achievement Award      Sofia Acuna, Sofia Raso   

Most improved novice skater without private coaching

Mary Henderson Heart Award                Jennifer Dempsey   

Awarded to skater who puts her heart into every performance at test days and competitons, voted by coaches

NEW **The EDGE            Alexis Leblond, Natasha Pare, Janna Hunt

Nancy McAllister Skills Award highest skill test  passed in winter by session skater(s)

NEW **The Black Boot            Nathan Cameron,  Dustin Tobias

The Family Swick Award  a male skater most improved (2) from any winter club session


2017 - 2018 Canskate times and locations

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Please find below the forms for this season.  Happy Skating everyone...
If you have any questions please email the club at


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Kid/CanSkate Introduces children to the basic fundamentals of skating in a fun-filled atmosphere which includes games and group lessons taught by certified Skate Canada Professional Coaches with the help of trained Program Assistants. CSA approved hockey helmets are mandatory. Under no circumstances will bicycle or ski helmets be allowed to be worn during sessions.   Thank you. 


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Please find attached the guest skating policy. 


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Please find attached the parent code of conduct for reference.

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