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Star skate test changes September 2016

posted 8 Aug 2011, 19:02 by CCSC Info   [ updated 6 May 2016, 10:24 ]
Please note that skate Canada is implementing changes in regards to the introductory and junior bronze testing.  As soon as all changes are listed they will be posted here.   Any questions can be directed towards Janet at

Communication #1 (February 2016)
STAR 1-5: Getting ready for change

STARSkate is undergoing a refresh and we are happy to share with our stakeholders what is coming. There will be regular communications in the next few months with information on what is changing. This communication is just a brief overview of what to expect.

Preliminary and Jr. Bronze tests will soon be a thing of the past. Replacing these levels of tests will be STAR 1-5 coach assessed tests. Yes, that is correct! These tests will be coach assessed! Coaches will now be responsible for the development and assessment of their own athletes at these levels. These concepts have been tested in 26 clubs across the country for the past few years and the feedback from all involved has been very positive.

Resources for clubs, test chairs, and coaches have been developed and will be posted to the Info Center as they become available. These resources will include club programming guidelines, session formats, lesson plans, standards documents, video resources and more!

Coach training will be available in Spring/Summer 2016. This training will be necessary prior to the coach being able to assess their skaters. The coach training will be available as online modules similar to the CanSkate update modules that were required prior to the New CanSkate program launch.

Implementation of the new STAR 1-5 programming will begin as early as September 2016. The coach may begin training their skaters on the new programming once they are comfortable with the content and will be able to assess tests once their training is complete.

These are exciting times for our Learn to Train stakeholders.

All information regarding STAR 1-5 programming will be available on Info Center/Pilot Programs/STAR 1-5.

Any questions or feedback should be directed to Heather McMahon, Skating Program Coordinator at